Reducing white flashes in Falkon

When opening new tab in Falkon the white flash will be shown before actual website is displayed. This behaviour can be observed if one is using dark theme or opening link in new tab and expect website to be dark. Or by using Chromium flags to turn everything into dark mode.

For a long time I disregarded this issue and lived on while always looking away. Yes, it never bothered me to the point I would like to get rid of it. I would even say that it serves as a reminder that modern web sucks.

Luckily the world is a huge place and there are people who investigate and try to fix issues like this.

The “fix” or a way how to reduce the white flash (reduce because I was still able to see it for a very short moment) was send to Falkon by Alva Snædís and was recently merged into development version of Falkon.

This patch by itself is only half of the proposed solution, but it still helps a bit. To reduce the flash even further users needs to update their current Falkon theme and set background color (or just remove the setting from the file?) for WebView to something dark (it would be nice detail if you can match your system theme). Usually this definition is located at main.css file of your theme.

To apply this change you need to either edit system files or to create/copy the theme into the user folder (~/.config/falkon/themes) and apply it in Falkon settings.

All in all, it is a nice addition which makes Falkon a bit more usable. Happy hacking.

PS: This memory only mentions a way how to do it. In the end it is up to you to do it. If you wish for a shortcut than update the theme and upload it into Falkon store.

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