Falkon: Development Update, Dec 2023

26 Dec, 2023 - 5 minutes
A lot of happened since I last wrote something about Falkon development. Release of Falkon 23.08 Relatively a lot of stuff was changed/added/fixed for this release series. The biggest thing I struggled with was session restore optimizations which is very slow and I manahed to get it faster by a bit and also introduce new bugs. Well nothing is for free. There is still a second part waiting and that is to delay putting icons into the tabs on the tabbar until they are realy needed.

I am a game developer

4 Dec, 2023 - 2 minutes
Just kidding. In recent times I played multiple minigames from KDE collection. These games are nice, small and can be played on almost anything these days. But no software can run away from bugs. A short list of my adventure, Kolf A nice minigolf game with simple and more complicated way to make the ball move (called "putting"). When I was playing with it, it simply stayed on the screen even after it was disabled.

Falkon: Development Update, Spring 2023

18 Jul, 2023 - 3 minutes
This spring I did not have much time on Falkon since I was learning how to drive a car. There were still some moments left for Falkon. Release of Falkon 23.04.0 Thanks to KDE Gear team there is another major Falkon release. This time (with some trial and error) I also put the changelog and some picture on the main Falkon site to show Falkon is alive and well.

Falkon: Development Update, Mar 2023

1 Apr, 2023 - 2 minutes
Weird news from development of Falkon web browser. Development History browser When filter is not empty, do not delete the whole history under a date if the date entry is selected. This is especially cruel when trying to remove multiple entries and using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A, Good Bey History. Now the entries unrelated to the filtering phrase should not be deleted. While I also deleted my whole history, this was reported at bugzilla.

Falkon: Development Update, Feb 2023

1 Mar, 2023 - 3 minutes
Weird news from development of Falkon web browser. Development GitLab FreeBSD pipeline FreeBSD pipeline was failing for a while. It always failed on PyFalkon plugin and in qztools file. It looks like the “latest” FreeBSD something does not like “{}” as default option for QFlags type. To some extend I can understand it, since it runs some code generator and than builds the generated code. And if the code generator fails to resolve everything the compilation might fail.