The content of this blog is random and contains only things I wish to write about in a style which reflects my personality (probably total unorganized mess).

The purpose of this blog is either to remember or to forget something.
In this way the quality and content of actual posts/memories can vary a lot between each other.

I am relatively new to blogging so I can bet that if I can keep up with this the quality will go either higher and higher or I will discover new realm of trash posts.

Either way, you are here at your own risk.


The code of this website and most of my mess can be found at my Gitea instance.

The purpose of which is to provide a web interface for my own use. You can always download the code and mess around on your own, at worst you can write me an email.

If you want to support this blog and things I do you can donate something.

My Monero address:


It should be one line, but well whatever.


You can find me at different places and the best way is to use some of my emails. So far I did not configure my own mail server so here are some of my third-party hosted mails.