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The KDevelop`s user interface (UI) suffers from required minimal width of widgets and toolviews. The “Template Preview” toolview is one such toolview. In my case it pushes part of the KDevelop window out of the screen.

Apart from other widgets in KDevelop window the main culprits in “Template Preview” toolview are kMessageWidged, line policy combo box and its label.

The combo box is wide, the proposed solution would be to set some fixed width or to move the label above or under it.

The other solution is to enable word-wrap for KMessageWidget and the line policy label. While I was at it I also removed one spacer which was only causing trouble. The effect of this change is very nice, the toolview requires a bit less space than before and the KDevelop window can now fit my screen.

But as always, there is a drawback. There seems to be a bug on KMessageWidget which does not look nice.

After a bit of playing with layout I sent a bug report and prepard merge request at invent.kde.org

The final results can be seen here. And it seems like the bug report should be edited….

The KMessageWidgets size is not changing when the width is decreased and words needs to be wrapped, it looks bad.

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