Introducing Tab Counter an extension for Falkon


Hello, while using Vertical Tabs extensions in Tree Style mode I developed a habit of keeping tabs and only unloading them. This leads Falkon to have hundreds and hundreds of tabs always prepared for me to load.

In face of this I became curious about how many tabs there actually are and how many are un/loaded so I developed Tab Counter extension.

Let me show you it’s features!

Toolbar Button, actually Label

The tab count is shown in a toolbar button, which can be moved where user desires is to be.

Toolbar button/label example

Toolbar button/label example

Settings window

There is also a settings window in which user can change which count is actually displayed.

There are following options:

  • All
  • Loaded
  • Unloaded
  • Loaded/All
Settings window

Settings window

How it works

The counts are updated whenever the tabs are changed. This includes: added, removed, moved, loaded, unloaded.


This is a great extension for people who like me keep a huge number of tabs (and use tabs instead of bookmarks) to see how many tabs there are.

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