Changes on this blog

After a while I am writing about changes on this blog. The major changes in short are:

  • New domain name.
  • Self-hosted on VPS which is powered by Artix.
  • Own git server powered by Gitea.
  • Openring integration which provides links to articles from blogs I follow.

For the future I plan some things, but the current setup is working fine so I have no idea when it will be done. The things I plan to do in the future are:

  • Move to different static site generator
  • Change the html template to something of my own creation
  • Prepare some nice landing page at my top level domain, which is for now empty
  • And probably many more but I will be glad to make even one of these work.

Articles from blogs I follow:

KDE e.V. AGM at Akademy

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of KDE e.V., the association that supports the KDE community financially and organizationally, has been announced. As usual, it takes place at Akademy – online again this year, and the AGM is on monday june 21st, the longe…

via [bobulate] May 10, 2021

I try not to make unlikable software (and features)

I am writing to you from The Sky. On my flight today, I noticed an example of “unlikable” software — something I’ve been increasingly aware of recently — inspiring me to pull out my laptop and write. On this plane, there are displays in the back of each seat…

via Drew DeVault's blog May 8, 2021

About Logging

TL;DR: This post also talks about the problems I faced while working on my logging. To log to syslog from within my containers that do not support configuring a remote syslog server, I had syslog-ng expose a unix domain socket and mounte…

via PapaTutuWawa's Blog April 16, 2021

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