Changes on this blog

After a while I am writing about changes on this blog. The major changes in short are:

  • New domain name.
  • Self-hosted on VPS which is powered by Artix.
  • Own git server powered by Gitea.
  • Openring integration which provides links to articles from blogs I follow.

For the future I plan some things, but the current setup is working fine so I have no idea when it will be done. The things I plan to do in the future are:

  • Move to different static site generator
  • Change the html template to something of my own creation
  • Prepare some nice landing page at my top level domain, which is for now empty
  • And probably many more but I will be glad to make even one of these work.

Articles from blogs I follow:

Richard Stallman's political discourse on sex

Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation, has been subject to numerous allegations of misconduct. He stepped down in 2019, and following his re-instatement in 2021, a famous open letter was published in which numerous organizations and i…

via Drew DeVault's blog November 25, 2023

Upgrading to FreeBSD 14 - how to fix a broken BIOS bootcode

A lot of people running ZFS zroot have managed to break their FreeBSD systems upgrading from 13.2 to the new 14.0 release because of a broken BIOS bootcode. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can fix that without having to reinstall.

via November 22, 2023

C++ Guidelines

C++ is definitely a language that has Lots of Ways to do It – kind of like Perl’s TIMTOWTSAC. A consequence is that when writing code, you need to think about which way to do things. When context-switching between projects, employers, or what-have-you, yo…

via [bobulate] November 21, 2023

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