Search engines are obsolete

Shortly this post is inspired by a Lukes video when he rumbles about todays search engines.

Most of the things I search on the web are related to the similar things over and over againg. So the results I get are almost always to the same handful of websites over and over again.

Since my interest often lies in computers, programming and linux I truly get just handful of sites for my searches. A short example can be StachExchange, StackOverflow, language manuals or documentation, Archwiki pages and from time to time some other site (but this is very rare).

So I should start thinking a bit more about the topic before I put my question to the general search engine and rather use the correct site or information source (like local documentation) instead of these general search engines.

Articles from blogs I follow:


Calamares is a distro- and desktop-agnostic Linux installer. It’s my day job. It is named for squid, in particular battered squid rings from the Mediterranean sea, Calamares. There’s lots of ways to catch squid and octopuses. One way is to use an octopus …

via [bobulate] October 11, 2021

How reflection works in ****

Note: this is a redacted copy of a blog post published on the internal development blog of a new systems programming language. The name of the project and further details are deliberately being kept in confidence until the initial release. You may be able to…

via Drew DeVault's blog October 5, 2021

About Logging

TL;DR: This post also talks about the problems I faced while working on my logging. To log to syslog from within my containers that do not support configuring a remote syslog server, I had syslog-ng expose a unix domain socket and mounte…

via PapaTutuWawa's Blog April 16, 2021

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