Introducing a Falkon extension RSS Finder

This weekend I decided to semi automate the process of searching for RSS feeds on websites while using Falkon web browsers. Many websites provide RSS feeds but do not provide any visible link or icon to access them (eg. many Wordpress based sites) and I had to open the source code and search in that mess for xml feeds.

These feeds are ussualy in HEAD html element but sometimes can appear anywhere on the website. I decided to only include the ones provided in HEAD since this is a standard way of informing browser that there are RSS feeds.

Since I am aware of some characteristics of Falkon and the way how different plugin types work (written in C++, Python and QML) I decided to play with QML even when I do not like this language at all.

My decision was based on these facts:

  • There is no need for real time changes, only update when clicked on button.
  • To make it portable and working even when Python support is playing tricks on us.
  • To learn a little bit about QML development (for Falkon at least)

There is one huge limitation which makes me not like QML support in general, and that is it ignores my Qt widget theme and in Falkon it is all shiny white. The KDE project manages to provide styled QML programs, so I guess there is something either my plugin or Falkon itself is missing. But since I wanted to make it portable and I will use it only once in a while it is good as it is.

The extension can be found at Falkon store and code at my Gitea.

On the end note, this project can be used as an example how to run Javascript code on the webpage and retrieve some information from it while using QML. Well, it is not perfect.

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