Introducing new Stats page

I like statisctics and numbers and I like looking at them, how they are changing and growing. Back when this blog was started I wanted to display some statistics on it but due to its very young age it would be meaningless.

That changes now. This blog is around for over two years and it is time to put some nice numbers on it. At first I struggled about what to actualy count and how to do it within Hugo or if I should prepare the stats outside of it (bit of scripting can never hurt). In the end I managed to do it within Hugo and created somewhat usable template to display the data.

The link to the stats page is located at the main menu and it shows some basic sumary at the top and few bar charts under it. Specificaly the charts shows details of posts per each year, month, week day and usage of tags.

I know it is not that much and it is mostly there to masage my ego, but I made so that I have something to do since the times are as crazy as they are.

That is all for now, I just wanted to brag about the numbers from my little blog.

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Announcing the Hare programming language

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