Falkon: Development Update, Mar 2023

Weird news from development of Falkon web browser.


History browser

When filter is not empty, do not delete the whole history under a date if the date entry is selected. This is especially cruel when trying to remove multiple entries and using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A, Good Bey History. Now the entries unrelated to the filtering phrase should not be deleted. While I also deleted my whole history, this was reported at bugzilla.



Fix crash when working with bookmarks. This was reported on KDE Invent a while ago and I promised to integrate it into next release. Well, I missed few releases and here it is.


Cosmetic updates only.

Add support for the dark theme

Last time I missed AdBlock blocking page. I have few excuses why that is, I did not see this page in a long time and I did not look well enough into the code. There are few more random html files in the code base which I still did not look at.

Properly show the BLOCKED page

This feature was broken due to some Chromium or QtWebEngine security thing which does not allow to redirect a request to a data URL. The user was greeted only with ERR_UNSAFE_REDIRECT chromium page without any knowledge why. This temporary workaround works around this issue (I am already thinking of a bit nicer execution of it).

Clean up default subscription lists

The default subscription list is old and when I went over the links they did not work, so I deleted them. One was working fine, while still seemed outdated at least it could load with different domain (had problem with SSL and domain name).


Change to use MAP format was merged. SO far nobody complained to me. I also have a small program which I put together from pieces of Falkon code to export the passwords from old binary based KWallet format. I think of putting it into either separate repository or into “contrib” folder.


Just few small changes which noone will notice or will think as “should be there” feature.

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