Falkon: Development Update, Spring 2023

This spring I did not have much time on Falkon since I was learning how to drive a car. There were still some moments left for Falkon.

Release of Falkon 23.04.0

Thanks to KDE Gear team there is another major Falkon release. This time (with some trial and error) I also put the changelog and some picture on the main Falkon site to show Falkon is alive and well.

> Some stuff were able to make it into the 23.04.0 release but majority of the development will be available in the 23.08.0 release.

Preparation for Falkon 23.08.0

The good thing is there is still enough time to finish the bugs and add sopme smaller features. The downside is that the weather is way too hot for prolonged work.

Performance of Restore session / window

At the moment restoring session / window is a costly operation in Falkon. this bug can be experienced with few hundred tabs and due to it Falkon can be starting for a long time. The biggest problem is that during restore operation the GUI is called and updated the (almost) same way as if user did it, just way too fast. This results in wasted operations like adding and removing the tab close button, changing the window title, changing url in location bar, recalculating the size of tabs and so on for each restored tab. While I know this now, the trick is to bypass it without breaking anything.

Merge Requests

Only things I can remember.

AddressBar suggestion popup - fit window width

Disabled by default, mostly suited for smaller displays like PinePhone where it can provide few more pixels.

ZoomLabel in address bar

Long awaited feature, a while ago I tried to make it and experiment with custom painting in Qt. It looks fine on my machine! This one benefited from the future me who managed to find multiple bugs in the initial implementation, but I still failed to catch the missing translation for percentage text (Caught thanks to "Emir SARI").

Browser defaults

Default KDE bookmarks and speeddial entries. A kind of KDE branding and making people aware of more KDE sites and projects. (By Javier Llorente),

Plasma download integration

As name says, a try to integrate Falkon downloads into Plasma things. (By Javier Llorente).

I only tested if Falkon works properly after this patch and it does, there is no crash. Sadly I am unable to test Plasma things since I do not use it, maybe in the future.

Port to Qt6

Long awaited port to Qt6 will be merged to master (after rebasing and checking) in preparation for 23.12.0 release. (By Tiernan Hubble)

Since I did not have much time in spring for this one, and this feature needs time to mature it was put on hold for a while.


Some other things are still waiting and my big feature are waiting as well, but it all takes a will and time to finish it.


While I took a step back there are still people working on Falkon, which is nice.

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