I am a game developer

Just kidding.

In recent times I played multiple minigames from KDE collection. These games are nice, small and can be played on almost anything these days. But no software can run away from bugs.

A short list of my adventure,


A nice minigolf game with simple and more complicated way to make the ball move (called "putting"). When I was playing with it, it simply stayed on the screen even after it was disabled. So a Merge Request was born: Hide StrokeCircle when AdvancedPutting is disabled

This is very small issue, and in retrospective I think I used different codestyle than the rest of the code.


Imprison the bouncing balls, or lets build a wall around the balls. A game which can be played for a very long time on an EASY difficulty and becomes a real challenge as the difficulty raises. During my playthrough I was bothered a lot by 2 bug:

In other words, the difficulty after the game started was not as I configured which forced me to play at Easy with Medium settings. It took me a while to figure out there is even a problem.

The other one was found when I was looking through the settings and found the option to have a custom random background for the game. The directory selector did not work properly and I had to select some file and update the path to a parent directory manualy, this is not very comfortable to do, so I went and fixed it. I used Gammeray to track the proper widget (very nice tool).


With lines form a square and take control over the game board. I play from time to time against the bot. What I was bothered with is the default white background and broken color configuration. The Merge Request can be found at: Add color customization

The game itself does not have a live update of the settings, so the new game or a restart is needed to apply them. Now it is much better, with the black, green and and red theme.


These games are small which means the code is often easily understood, so anyone can dive in and fix something.

My changes to these games are small and most people will never notice.

PS: I like increasing software quality by fixing bugs which noone will notice, so call edge cases in a dark corner.

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