Falkon: Development Update, Sep 2022

2 Oct, 2022 - 2 minutes
Weird news from development of Falkon web browser. Development: Site Settings I continued working on some system for WebAttributes and it looks fine at the moment (well, it just works). The thought which I have is to put all the WebAttributes into one field in the database and parse it afterwords instead of having a separate field for each attribute. I did not try this yet and I will keep this idea for later date when everything will be ready.

My experience with bad example (or my understanding is that bad.)

4 Sep, 2022 - 2 minutes
Simple story the likes of which happens all the time where an incorrect example together with my lack of knowledge led me to the world of hurt. In the Falkon example QML extension in order to set some basic (top level) element the original author decided to use Rectangle component (or class? or object? or whatever, I will call it component). The Rectangle component is not supposed to be used this way since it is by default also setting the background to white and thus it is not styled by the KDE theme.

Falkon: Development Update, Aug 2022

4 Sep, 2022 - 5 minutes
Weird news from development of Falkon web browser. Why? Sadly, even after project moved under the wings of KDE it did not see many contributors (am I as major stalker at fault?), maybe new contributors did not want to go through hassle of creating KDE account (joining KDE). This is hard to say for me. Anyway, I wanted to do something what is already outlined and what someone already tried in the past and thus there is a bit of information on how it should be done.

Introducing a Falkon extension RSS Finder

23 Jan, 2022 - 2 minutes
This weekend I decided to semi automate the process of searching for RSS feeds on websites while using Falkon web browsers. Many websites provide RSS feeds but do not provide any visible link or icon to access them (eg. many Wordpress based sites) and I had to open the source code and search in that mess for xml feeds. These feeds are ussualy in HEAD html element but sometimes can appear anywhere on the website.

Introducing new Stats page

2 Jan, 2022 - 1 minutes
I like statisctics and numbers and I like looking at them, how they are changing and growing. Back when this blog was started I wanted to display some statistics on it but due to its very young age it would be meaningless. That changes now. This blog is around for over two years and it is time to put some nice numbers on it. At first I struggled about what to actualy count and how to do it within Hugo or if I should prepare the stats outside of it (bit of scripting can never hurt).