tag: Jekyll

Switching to Hugo

5 Jan, 2021 - 3 minutes
Until “now” I was happy user of Jekyll static site generator, everything worked fine with it and blog was easy to manage. The major drawback of Jekyll (for me that is) is that it is written in Ruby and I never before worked with Ruby. Because of this I diceded to go the “easy” route and use docker image to simplify the initial installation and Jekyll management. The official docker image works fine, the only thing I needed to do was to add ruby gem local cache so it would not need to download all that mess over and over again (what a hell that is).

Building blog based on GitHub pages

21 Oct, 2019 - 3 minutes
After some time I once again tried to create a blog. This time with it should be nice static site with dark design and only memories. At first I went on journey to find a nice dark theme which I would use as a base. After a bit I found tocttou/hacker-blog which is really nice. See demo. Customization It sounds all nice and fine but it is a bit plain. I decided that categories or tags would be nice.