tag: qml

Rewrite of Falkon plugin Readability to QML

22 Oct, 2022 - 5 minutes
This rewrite was a challenge as well as a good test subject for Falkon QMl API. I had to work around few pitfalls to make it work. Click on button always opens popup Desired or not the popup will always open. I used it to write there sone informative message, but it is unsued so far. In the future it an be used a bit more to dislay the debug message or a feedback from the script if the conversion fails.

Introducing a Falkon extension Cookies.txt

10 Oct, 2022 - 3 minutes
This weekend I decided to test if it is possible to create a Cookies.txt style extensions for Falkon by using QML API. This work is partially based on Firefox and Chrome extensions. The GUI is shamelessly copied from the Firefox extension but I had a little trouble porting it to QML since I have still long way to go with this language. I like the GUI being a simple one and to the point.

My experience with bad example (or my understanding is that bad.)

4 Sep, 2022 - 2 minutes
Simple story the likes of which happens all the time where an incorrect example together with my lack of knowledge led me to the world of hurt. In the Falkon example QML extension in order to set some basic (top level) element the original author decided to use Rectangle component (or class? or object? or whatever, I will call it component). The Rectangle component is not supposed to be used this way since it is by default also setting the background to white and thus it is not styled by the KDE theme.

Introducing a Falkon extension RSS Finder

23 Jan, 2022 - 2 minutes
This weekend I decided to semi automate the process of searching for RSS feeds on websites while using Falkon web browsers. Many websites provide RSS feeds but do not provide any visible link or icon to access them (eg. many Wordpress based sites) and I had to open the source code and search in that mess for xml feeds. These feeds are ussualy in HEAD html element but sometimes can appear anywhere on the website.